ViVa-Consulting has gained already the trust of several clients. If you wish any kind of information about these publishers and companies do not hesitate to ask us:

Compuwave is a software distributor based in Germany specialized in selling software, software procurement and licensing advice. They distribute over 800 manufacturers and offer advanced sourcing services. We support their business devpt for France.

GSX Solutions is the leading provider of monitoring, reporting and management solutions for IBM DominoTM, Microsoft ExchangeTM, Microsoft SharePointTM, SametimeTM, QuickrTM, TravelerTM, BESTM and URLs. We act as ambasador for this publisher.

migRaven is a tool allowing IT administrators to clean, reorganize, migrate all their NTFS access rights in one simple workflow and strongly reduce the usual project lifetime. Developed by the german software publisher aikux development GmbH.

Goopax is an object-oriented GPGPU programming environment, allowing high performance GPGPU applications to be written directly in C++ in an easy, reliable and safe way.

Powerwise is a powerfull centralised solution allowing to manage PC power savings and hibernate or turn off PCs when not in use. Developed by the Uk publisher Modus Interactive, Powerwise is a good example of so called Green IT solutions.

PerfectStream Technologies is a german start-up bringing a new streaming technology on the market allowing any screen (any stationnary or mobile IP enable device) to receive a
personalized stream of prefered audio and video content.

KeyRocket makes learning keyboard shortcuts simple and fun. While you work, it suggests useful shortcuts in a small notification window based on your mouse clicks and movements. A very smart productivity tool developped by Veodin, start-up based in berlin.

ik++ technologies automate system creation in the field of automotive software development. Its know how is to offer world wide model based methods and tools for functional safety analysis according to coming ISO 26262 and configuration management.

Contact King is a software publisher offering an intuitive CRM solution for german PR agencies, allowing them to organize their campains and manage their contacts in an easy way.

Siener Informatique is a french software distributor reselling a wide range of solutions from development tools to office and utilities' applications. ViVa Consulting is managing their marketing.

SienerSoft, the german mother company, is more focused distributing specific software solutions like Jetbrain, VMware, CSOdessa. ViVa Consulting is managing their public relation and short newsletter.